Thursday, November 1, 2012


So today is the first day of November, for me it's a quite dark and hard month. December is more fun, because it's christmas month and januari is okay becuase it's feels like one going at the right direction towards the spring. Febraury is quite short and one can sense the spring and march one really can sense the spring. But november, soooo dark. One thing we're doing here at our house is light a lot of candles this month, it feels a lot better then. I really love candles, there are candles in almost every room in this house.

There's a special feeling when the candles are burning, peaceful and beautiful. I think I have to buy more candles, in different sizes. At Åhléns here in Sweden they have really good candles and they're quite cheap. I'm going in there tomorrow to buy some more candles so I'll survive this november.

Today I have one more workday ahead of me. From 14 to 18 in the afternoon. Many exams this week so a lot of work for me, and I enjoy it. 

I think we have to start this dark novemberday with some good music. I'll give you one of my favourites, Mr Mister. Richard Paige has such wonderful voice and my teeange years I listened to mr Mister quite a lot. Kyrie Eleison means "Lord, have mercy", so that fits quite well for me this month then. :-)

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