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Jag såg programmet "Fråga Olle" här för ett tag sedan och Dominika Pecynski var bl.a. med som gäst. Hon är Sverigechef för företaget Victoria Milan, som är en dejtingsajt för gifta och sammanboende, alltså en otrohetssajt. Jag blev väldigt upprörd under tiden jag såg programmet och har tänkt på det en hel del efteråt. Enligt henne så är det perfekt när du känner att du har tråkigt i ett förhållande att gå in på deras sajt och logga in och träffa någon där för att ha en affär 100 % anonymt och konfidentiellt. Hon berättade t.o.m. att det fanns en panikknapp som man kan trycka på om någon annan kommer in där man sitter och skriver så att en annan sida poppar upp. Sjukt, tycker jag. Jag tycker det känns som om hon och hennes företag uppmuntrar folk till att vara otrogna och ha en affär, det är sååå oskyldigt och lätt. Tänk så många partners som till slut blir sårade, för jag är övertygad om att till slut så brister bubblan. Det går inte att ha hålla något sådant hemligt för all evighet. Det kommer märkas på beteende och andra saker. 
Om man nu har problem i ett förhållande, varför pratar man då inte med varandra om det? Eller varför söker man inte professionell hjälp i form av en terapeut? Jag tycker man är skyldiga varandra åtminstone det innan man separerar. Eller om man nu inte tycker att man är skyldig sin partner något, så gör då istället slut med din partner, istället för att vara otrogen. Du har uppenbarligen ändrat inställning till din partner eftersom du väljer att vara otrogen. Var schysst, kör inte med något fulspel. 

Vad är era tankar angående otrohet och otrohetssajten Victoria Milan? Kommentera gärna!

I saw the tvshow "Fråga Olle" (In english Ask Olle), a while ago and Dominika Pecynski were there as a guest. She is a director for the company Victoria Milan, that is a datingsite for married people and cohabiting, so an infidelitysite. I was very upset during the tvshow and has thought a lot about it. According to her, it's perfect if you feel bored in your relationship to just log in to the site and meet someone and have an affair 100 % anonymously and confidental. She said that there is also a "panic-button" that you can press on if someone walks into the room where you are and then another site pops up. It's sick, I think. I think her and her company encourages people to be unfaithful and to have an affair, it's so simple and easy. So many partners will be hurt by this, I'm convinced that the bubble will burst at last. You can't hold something secret for all eternity. It will be shown on their behaviour and other things too. 
If one are having problems in the relationship, why don't you talk to each other about it? Or you could seek professional help in form of an therapeut? I think you owe each other that at least before you seperate. Or if you don't think you owe your partner anything, then break up instead of cheat. You've obviously changed your opinion of your partner if you've chose to be unfaitful. Play fair!

What are your thoughts about infidelity and the infidelitysite Victoria Milan? Please comment!


  1. Ann-Sofie, I agree with you. I think what is sad are the ones who think they should log on to that site instead of talking things out with their spouses... that's when all becomes a lie.

    Unfortunately there are lots of people who are going to cheat... no matter what. When they do it ... they aren't thinking of the consequences... only of their immediate needs. It sounds like people who are 'drug addicts', right?

    I do agree with you. One could think that it's okay to cheat when visiting sites like that... when they might not realize the grief they are setting up for them, their spouses.

    I guess all I can say is that 'life is sometimes so sad'...........

    Granny Gee/Gloria :)))

  2. Yes Gloria, there will always be people who will cheat on their spouses. But I don't like those kind of sites that encourage people to cheat so easily.
    I think nowadays, people are seeking of quick "fixes" for their needs, and that is why these sites will appear.
    Yes life is sad sometimes. I agree with you Gloria.

    I hope all is well with you Granny Gee! :-)

  3. Dear Ann-Sophie, wow, this show is on TV? I can't believe it and I don't think it's good - neither the show being on TV nor the infidelity. But shows like these bring lots of viewers to TV stations and that means money. So the whole thing is a big lie, in my humble opinion! Terrible! - Anyway, :-)
    have a very HAPPY week! :-)

  4. Yes this show "Fråga Olle" is on tv but Victoria Milan is a datingsite on Internet and on one episode of this show they talked to Dominika that is one of the directors of Victoria Milan. I think is terrible that the site exists. Statistics of unfaithful people show huge numbers, we don't need sites on Internet like Victoria Milan I think.
    Have a green week you too!

  5. I don’t really know what to say … I don’t watch the program, because I find it very offensive and maybe I’m too old to be bothered. This with affairs out the side – has been around so long as marriage has been around. And it’s up to everybody to live their lives as they want. If there isn’t a website they will find it somewhere else – at work – at bars and clubs. It’s all down to peoples personal values and respect for their partners and the family. Doesn’t matter if there is a website or not.

    Like your new world .. but what a carry on to be able to following you. Here I’m!

  6. Yes infidelity has existed as long as there have been marriages, I agree. And there will always be those who will cheat on their partners, I know that. I just think that those kind of sites isn't neccesary. And of course, everyone live their lives as they like, this is just my opinion.
    And as I've said to you before, people will always be like they are, and we are all different. So there will always be differet opinions, I just like to express mine... :-)
    I hope you had a great time in Stockholm, looking forward to hear more about the show.
    Glad to hear that you're enjoying my "new world", I know that isn't easy to follow me, but now I'll be staying here....:-)

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